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We are all soooo busy these days! We want to get a good dinner on the table for our families, or take an awesome side dish to the potluck, or wow everyone at the tailgate party with that amazing snack. We want to use a few great ingredients we can find at our local grocery (that don’t cost a fortune). We like to cook and create–really, we do! It’s just hard to do the elaborate stuff when time is scarce. We need simple. We need yummy. We need recipes that can allow us to have a little fun and put a smile on the faces of our family and friends…then leave us time to enjoy them all.

Over the past 20+ years, I have been reading, collecting, and trying out different kinds of recipes. There have been a few failures, but most turn out wonderfully. My favorites? You guessed it–the simple, yummy ones!! I’ll be sharing my favorites–oldies as well as new finds–each week in hopes that you will enjoy them too.

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