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Hi!  I’m Karen Powers and my goal here is to inspire, encourage, and enable you to create good, healthy meals your family will love.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I want to provide delicious family dinners, but I’m tired of fixing the same things all the time.”

“I like to cook, but after working all day, I just don’t have time for complicated recipes.”

“I’d like to know more about different kinds of foods and ways to cook them.”

“I want to make safe and healthy meals.”

If you’ve found yourself thinking like this, then you’ve found the right place!

Here’s how can help.


Know more about your food.

When you know more about the food and what’s going on with it, you’ll be more confident in creating and trying new dishes.  Explore the science of different types of foods and cooking methods to gain understanding of food chemistry, including composition and nutrition. This knowledge will enable you to come up with your own recipes or customize other recipes as you go using your favorite ingredients or what you have on hand.

Know how to prepare safe food.

Properly cleaning and maintaining your kitchen, appliances, and utensils is important, but you might not always know what to do. From proper temperatures to preparation how-to’s, I give you food safety tips and guidelines so you can cook safely for your family.

Know you can get it done.

I encourage you to create great meals for your family, and also to enjoy the meals with your family!  Keep it simple. Plan ahead. Use those leftovers. Get the kids to help. You can have good meals without a lot of time invested!  (Unless you really want to…it can be fun!)

Know you’re providing great meals.

I also share tasty recipes that you and your family will love. There are so many good ideas out there, and I love reading new recipes and trying them out.  I’ll let you know about good ones my family loves. Nothing too fancy, nothing too complicated–just Simple and Yummy!

About Me

As a full-time food professional, I’ve studied food for over half my life. Over the years, I’ve worked with food companies in the areas of safety, quality, product development, and customer satisfaction.  I learn something new every day.  And, I love it!  I’m something of a learning addict, I think.

God has blessed me with a superb husband and one amazing little boy!  I, like many of you, want to get great meals on the dinner table for them after I get home from work.  We cherish our dinner time together as a family.  Which is why I like to keep things simple.

Join me for some education, entertainment, and encouragement about food and cooking.  Enjoy preparing and sharing great meals with your family.  You deserve it!